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The Juggernaut lands new investors

A handful of venture capitalists have participated in the seed round for The Juggernaut, a premium subscription publication for South Asian stories and news, Axios has learned.


The Juggernaut is a subscription media company for the South Asian diaspora

Everyone and their dog seems to have an email newsletter today, but what happens if and when yours takes off? Some have gone down the paid route, but another credible alternative is to turn it into a subscription media business.

That’s a route that The Juggernaut,  a new pay-to-play publication targeted at the South Asian diaspora, is going down now.


Discovering the Business of Storytelling

When I applied to HBS, I wrote about wanting to be a “leader in Indian cinema, one who enables new voices, new audiences, and new ways of distributing cinema.”  

I didn’t become a leader in Bollywood cinema. Well, not yet anyway.